On this blog I will explore the many relationships we experience and how they shape our lives. I feel all individuals deserve to be in healthy relationships despite our different views because relationships is the art of life.

My Mission

My mission is to help people in unhealthy relationships understand the confusion in the relationship. I used to think that relationships is a struggle but now I understand it doesn’t have to be that way.

I found that solutions come once you see something in a new way. When you’re open to receive a different way of seeing the same idea from a new perspective.

If you want to get unstuck and get more out of your life relationships you have to be ready to accept a new way of thinking. My goal is to help you awaken to new possibilities in life relationships.

I’m committed to ongoing research that will continue to increase my level of understanding about relationships. Life without meaningful relationships is a life of much dissatisfaction

Relationships bring us intimacy, friendship, support and many other positive and sometimes negative experiences. Relationships is one fo the things that connect us to each other.

Relationships Chit Chat is a blog created by myself Summer Raine who holds a BS in
Psychology with a concentration in Human Psychology. I’ve been a certified relationship and transformative coach for the last 5 years. My passion and purpose is to spark ideas that will provoke building better relationships.

So, it’s important to understand how relationships work for the relationship type. Knowing that not all relationships are created equally but is built on the foundation established by the individuals.

Relationships are the art of life and it’s our job to make beautiful art. Our relationships help us discover who we are and help us put us on the road to a piece of happiness.

Most of our meaningful moments are experienced with someone else who has some type of relationship with. Creating a long lasting intimate relationship is defining you as a person.

Relationships are the way two or more people connect with one another. And human connections make the world go round. So lets explore what makes a relationship thrive and what causes a relationship to suffer.

I’m dedicated to helping other discover what makes relatioships works for each person involved. My goal is to communicate information in a way the reader can make informed decisions about relationships.

Relationships develop when love is present and one person decides to listen and learn from someone else.

My Experience

I am a 5 year certified relationship and transformational coach who have worked within various relationships to help bring love, trust, and freedom.

My journey of relationship coaching began when I understood what it felt like to want love in a healthy-happy relationship. But, I discovered relationship coaching years before I became certified and soon realized I’ve always been a coach but didn’t know it.

Over the past 5 years I’ve coached over a 1000 successful sessions with individuals who were wanting to have better relationships and how to have better relationships. I’m inspired and empowered to continue to focus on teaching others to be more open minded in relation to any kind of relationship.

I now mentor some of the most amazing people while witnessing them overcome some of their past unfulfilling relationship moments.

With my experience with relationship discovery, I would like to help others build safe, happy, and healthy relationships by exploring the ideas from both male/female prospective.

Relationship Chit Chat blog will cover topics of dating, various types of relationships, sex, and many other topics of importance. This blog will visit real stories and real life experiences from myself and others.

happy people

A life of relationships happens when you stop believing your opinion is the only one that matters.